Horrid hopcurity

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Crux CF
Discord Name:Noodlecat
Round ID:23684
Griefer IC name:John Human
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
John human the hop having two separate energy guns(one on waist and suit storage) sechuds, and at the end of the round a gygax. tried to explain to them why having a personal use mech as a hop that you gave yourself access to (still trespassing), didn’t listen and was an asshole about it, emped their mech with console until it stopped showing up.

are you sure this is the correct round ID? Nothing is showing up regarding this player

I am that HoP. I admit that having the two Eguns was a bad look and I should have returned the spare which I acquired because I thought the pirates were going to be a bigger deal than they were (they broke into the bridge at some point).

As for the sechuds, it was a stylistic choice towards the end of the round, probably 20 minutes before the shuttle was called. I bought the sechud from a vendor and crafted the shades. Medical HUD shades were probably a better idea. I dont like how regular sunglasses appear ingame. I ignored any wanted people I saw because pursuing criminals wasn’t why I had them.

As for the gygax, I asked the RD if he would make me one, and he had robo create one for me towards the end of the round (about 5 minutes before the shuttle was called). I explained that the mechs purpose was just because it was cool. Though I did arm it with a scattershot, I only used it once and it was on my way to the bar to go scream “I HAVE A MECH.” when I saw someone murdering an assistant right infront of me.

I never used any of the gear to validhunt, or even perform security-esque duties. While I admit that these decisions dont paint me in the best light, I cant say I did anything terribly wrong. I did my job throughout the shift, and when the round was nearing its end I just wanted a gygax because I love gygaxes.

P.S, I wasnt tresspassing at all, the RD said my mech was ready and to come get it. When I got there the door to robo was open so I entered. RD didnt mind at all, only one roboticist.

If you need to reach me afterwards my discord is John Human#3122. I dont look at the forum much so discord is the easiest way to reach me.

His round ID might not be correct and I have no idea what it is either. But the story about me having that gear is accurate. Besides the me being an asshole part. I never insulted anyone or anything. I was only joking around and saying things like “let me have my toy” while I was being shoved around in robotics if that’s what he means.

For future reference, equipping said items as HoP falls under our rules for powergaming, no matter how and when you acquired them. There are of course circumstances that allow you to use them (f.e. Revs, Nukies), however in this case it was very much against our rules.

Found the round id, this has been handled. (edited the template answers to show correct date and round id)