Horst Wessel and Skibidi Muhammed being griefers as always

Byond Account:Rae lil white
Character Name(s):Johnny Flame
Discord Name:Johnny Flame
Round ID:Round ID: 27798
Griefer IC name: Horst Wessel and Skibidi Muhammed
Griefer Byond account (if known):no idea

What happened:
both of these guys were acting like bloodbrothers, going around the station killing crew and harming the captain on a nukies round, at the endlog both weren’t any of the traitors.
please keep in mind of Profile - Fluctlight - Fulpstation appeal, as this is probably not their second and won’t be last time griefing

on the cult round 27729 Horst was attacking and shoving fellow culties in med, which forced us to execute him

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They are gone, thonks!