HoS ignoring law + botanist murder?

Byond Account: Gunmer
Character Name(s): Quinn Enderly
Discord Name: busterfulp
Round ID: 27637
Date: 2023-08-18T05:00:00Z
Griefer IC name: Atticus Cain (HoS), Richard Cox (Botanist)
Griefer Byond account (if known): Jackmonster7 (Botanist)

What happened: a botanist beheaded a mime in the botany back room, HoS finds the culprit hiding in a disposal unit nearby, they confess saying the mime attacked them first (despite them being in near perfect health) and that they “did it because i was scared” and the HoS takes pity on them, allowing them to get off scot free. since this was such a obvious case of murder the HoS should not have had any reason to let the botanist go. the botanist was a blood brother but they had no objectives to do with killing the mime.


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T.Hanks this has been looked into!