Hos kills me for my simple presence in the brig

Byond account: Nonbisco
Character name: Richard Williams
Round ID: 11838
Discord name:Nonbisco, Pope of Beans#9372
Griefer Names: Lotus Tumbler

The shift was a bit slow and I would occasionally visit brig out of boredom, I never did anything, never got in the way, I simply stood around and watched, but this simply would not do for Lotus Tumbler, Head of Security. I do admit I was pushing it, however I did nothing hostile, I did not empede security and I am certain I did not deserve my fate.

The Hos had warned me that if I entered bridge again I would be sent to gulag, to which I replied I will not be threatened by empty words, since I wasn’t doing anything I didn’t think he/she COULD send me to gulag simply for chilling in a slow shift.

So I came back to brig (I had hulk because there was slipery floor everywhere and I wanted to move around without falling over, and because hulk is cool) and I was chilling in a corner saying hi to a detective, then the HoS saw me and began to shoot me with a disabler, to which I thought “Fair enough, I have hulk, no worries” so i just ran around asking him to please stop.
He shot a full disabler at me, then to my shock pulled out yet ANOTHER one and kept shooting me, then tried to flash me, all the while I wasn’t hurting him, I was just wandering about asking him to stop, saying I’m not getting in the way

Eventually he manages to corner me and cuff me, and takes me to the gulag shuttle and stripped my stuff, at this point I think “uh oh” and I break out and try to leave, but another secman flashes and peppers me so I don’t see much.
I repeat again, I say leave me alone, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m not doing anything
Then I believe someone hit me with a baton a few times, so I thought “this could turn out bad, I might be killed” so i tried to crit them and make my escape

Then the HoS and the officer cornered and killed me, which is a bit much, but fair, even thought I wasn’t fighting back until they took me to the shuttle.

And that would have been fine, but then the HoS took me and hid me in some random room in the brig, likely to hide this terrible terrible case of security abuse.

Now I do believe I deserved this SOMEWHAT, however to beat me to death after I’ve been put into crit in a corner, after asking him to stop and insisting I’m not hurting anyone, only fighting back when I started being batoned, then hiding me instead of taking me to medbay is quite rude, and I’d like this person to at least recieve a tiny slap on the wrist, after all, they started and escalated the conflict, I was merely chilling.

Thanks for the read admins, have a good one and happy new year.

Resolved, thanks for the report!

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