HoS Round Removes Officer and Kills CE

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Bubbles
Discord Name: HungerJames#9258
Round ID: 27344
Date: August 3, 2023
Griefer IC name: Caiden Brindle
Griefer Byond account (if known): Harcey

What happened: The service department went on role-play strike for higher wages. Eventually a officer join the cause after the HoS (Caiden) and the Captain used lethal force on the protestors for slipping and body blocking sec. When the protestors and officer confront the HoS, he then crit the protestors and killed the officer. The HoS then took the officer’s body and prevented it from being revived, round-removing the officer from the game. When the Captain and CE tried to demote the HoS, he killed the CE and tried to kill the Captain.


Correction - Round ID: 27345
Shift Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes and 29.1 seconds

I was AI for this shift. I will note here that the security officer in question was also removed from sensors, it was impossible for me to even find them and considering Caiden’s threats last round this had to be intentional. Caiden was quite upset that following my Robodoc laws I sided with the strikers multiple times for two reasons:

  1. Acquiescing to their demands meant the crew could eat, which is vital for their health.
  2. The protest was entirely peaceful, while on the other hand security was violently responding to the strike.

While the CE and I worked toward a calm solution, our lovely HoS decided to start handing out lethals to the team. During this, the Chaplain had somehow stolen several items from the captain. He then gave a hand teleporter to the clown, who was subsequently arrested by security. The Captain came to execute him, ignoring me telling him that the items were given to him rather than stolen - so I intervened and allowed the clown to escape with everyone unharmed.

I was at this point fully and vocally defending the strikers from security in any way I could, which admittedly resulted in me closing a firelock on an officer without considering my laws. While doing so, the clown who was supposed to be executed went missing and while I can’t verify this I believe the HoS hunted them down and round removed them. Caiden also at some point rolled into Medbay and critted a chemist for apparently no reason.

Much later, the CE finally convinced the Captain to relinquish some funds to the protesters (however they simply demanded that the HoS be demoted.) Apparently in response to the mere suggestion - Caiden batonged the CE then harmbatonning him into crit while dragging him towards permabrig. The newly arrived warden followed him in as I bolted the doors and unpowered the APC to trap them there. The Captain exchanged fire with Caiden until being forced to retreat, afterwards an Engineer rocked up and walled the doors. Caiden then seemingly lied to this Warden about why he’d killed the CE. We had a heated argument while waiting for the CE to be revived. During this Bubbles (HungerJames, OP) sick with the Carp virus, accidentally teleported in and got critted by the two of them. When the CE finally showed up the let them out, the exact same thing happened. I’ll admit I was a bit loose with Law 5 around this time because a firefight between the Heads of Staff is a really big deal.

Everything else happened exactly as HungerJames reported, though I have no idea how many people Caiden went on to give this treatment to as I wasn’t watching him the entire shift. Wouldn’t be surpised to learn I’d missed a lot.


Player has been handled, thanks for the report