I am allergic to following brigging protocol and spacelaw

Byond Account: Twox
Character Name(s): Twox
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID: 19728
Date: 11/04/2022 (uk date lol)
Griefer IC name: Montana Jack, Graham Told
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I released 50 walking mushrooms in the halls and got arrested for it - k fine?
HoS then attempts to try perma me for the act of grand sabotage, the shroomanity, until realising grand sabotage and sabotage R not the same thing.
He then brigs me for 13 minutes, which I dont think u can even brig people that long (doesnt it just go to perma at that point?). And not only demotes me (taking away my ID not actual demotion), but takes away everything in my bag and PDA too since I “dont need it.” I, a professional mushroom supporter and advocator - have been CHARGED with false crimes in order to stop the mushroom agenda.

When the captain heard this AWFUL news against the mushroom kind. He was filled with… joy?
Infact he told I, the mushroom KING. That I will be ROTTING for my entirely illegal sentence if I did not do the DNA vault, of which I already had done half of. And without my ID nor bag - or even HEADSET. I told him to fuck off! Which must of STRUCK a nerve in them. BANISHING me to my fate and denying all chance of appeal.
Alas I was saved by the HEROIC warden, the only one to listen to my pleas. Who let me out just as the clock hit 5 minutes after hearing why I was in there! God bless.

No but seriously tho please learn command and or space law if you want to play security, hos, captain, any of those roles really and don’t be a shitdickler and mushroom hater.

On other notes I saw the RD and an officer with contraband heretic blades being used by them throughout the round, a couple security officers misuse their sec tools. Like one disabling and cuffing me to steal my shoes and put them in a locker before letting me go. And yeah like pretty much that shit.
(I heard cap dusted the AI on the shuttle by some, god forsaken method).

Be cool shitcurity who U hate but follow the law not griefer shitcurity :frowning:


Everything you described about getting arrested sounds IC - space law doesn’t exist solely for catching antags, and releasing a ton of mobs into the halls sounds like it would fall under sab at least. You can, in fact, sentence people for 13 minutes ( see the stacking charges section of space law).

Unless you have a name for the sec officers involved and more details about them “misusing their equipment” there’s not much I can really do as far as investigating this portion of the patrol.

Lastly, please don’t give us a dramatic retelling in your grief patrols. It makes it much more difficult to determine what happened and makes us (or me, rather) much less likely to take your report seriously. If you want to write a dramatic scene about whatever injustices you faced, please save that for the fan art and stories category.


Whatsup, Graham Told here.

Sabotage: Significantly destroying, damaging, or defectively producing property with the specific intent to impede the station’s ability to operate.

Your charges were Sabotage + Resisting arrest, non-violent (Running around while you used your mushrooms in the hallways too) I Could send your for sabotage beacuse there was a lot of mush people beacuse you wanted to do it [?]

Look i don’t mind if you did that on the shuttle honestly or You could ask the captain or even myself before doing that stuff. The problem is when you do that meanwhile theres a murderer in the station and a heretic too… and that slows medical to bring the injured and security meanwhile try to arrest people.

About the demotion I asked the captain to demote you and he did a deal with you that you did reject and you then did stay in the cell meanwhile, i had no idea still if he demoted you.

Your bag Was filled of botany stuff and of course you wouldn’t need that beacuse i though the captain did demoted you.

About the other officers and RD I was bussy dealing with a mime, you could tell the warden or another officer… also don’t say shitcurity when you do greytide stuff too buddy, is bettter ask than act first!