I know this is dumb, but when can i appeal a perm ban? after a month,year or what?

probably not the right place to aks but whatever

You can file an appeal immediately if you think there was a mistake with the ban. If not, we usually won’t consider a perma appeal before at least a month after the fact and may require you to re-appeal later depending on the context of that ban. Idk your ckey so I can’t give specific guidance though.

alright thanks, i know my ban wasnt false, i completely own up to my actions, its just i saw someone say you have to wait a year before appealing

also i think my ckey that i played fulpstation on was Mickea, not entirely sure since this ban was like 4 months ago, and i play on another ckey now so i cant remember my password either. so am i not able to appeal because i dont have accesss to this account?

You will still need to appeal with that account’s information, but you should specify your new key in the appeal so we can take that into account when unbanning.