I tried my best

Byond Account: Hoolny
Character Name(s): Seth Deces
Discord Name Seþ#2464
Round ID of Ban: #22476

Ban Message :image

State your appeal: I tried but I guess I’m not worthy of playing on fulpstation which is alright I guess their private server they let in through Im just gona believe the mods are being unbiased and just although I have tried my upmost best to follow all the rules which I have I don’t think I have truly done anything wrong but I guess my definition of being good isn’t good enough but that isn’t the point of this

I request a proposition you let me back into fulp with the caveat that im banned from every job and antag I really generally like watching what people do in fulp is fun

You can OOC and ghost chat ban me if you see it as necessary

I can just chill as a ghost until the end of times

You just got your ban denied and this request/playing the victim is just childish.
Go and play on other server, go play other games, make an appeal in the future and maybe you will appreciate the Fulp community enough to bother and follow the rules this time and not make the round worse for others.

Just read the server rules before you make another appeal because, if you still think you have done nothing wrong on the server, don’t even bother with it.


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