I was just banned for my name being "sexual"

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): mr.mc fister
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Mr.MoNkey
Round ID of Ban: 19184 

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): you or another user of this computer (Mr.McFister) is banned from playing here ban reason is :core 3 bad ckey -please rejoin with a brand new byond username that isnt a sexual refrence .this ban (banid # 27369) was applied by horatio22 on 2022-03-05 21:09:08 during round id 19184 this is a permanent ban.
State your appeal: for the record i was banned from this sever befor and was forced to make a new account i was on my original account with out realizing and was playing on the server i wasn’t doing anything sexual just making a mod suit as a roboticist i would appreciate if i was unbanned i really do enjoy your server and i will switch accounts sorry for the inconvenience

This was just a ban on your ckey- you should be able to join with a new account no problem

alright thank you very much

i just tried joining in on my other account and it says access denied

What’s your other account?

Unga Bunga 123

Okay it should be fixed now

it still says access denied

Now is it fixed?

nope still says access denied

Okay, please clear your cache and try logging in next round- sometimes changes to bans require the server to restart which it does at the end of a round

alright ill wait till next round and try again ill let you know

still not fixed i have no clue whats wrong

Did you clear your cache?

i believe so unless i cleared the wrong one

Your byond cache?

i guess i didn’t how do i correctly do it?

Go to the cog in the top right then go to the game window, clear cache

ok i see how to now

i cleared my cache its still messed up