I would like to suggest a new type of antag

I like the idea of a new antag named The Souleater basically like the revenant but hu,man and differant abilitys the gameplay can be similar to revenant but differnt missions Like Consume 3 souls and of course escape in a pod or shuttle without being in custody that stuff and im gonna list off a few abiltiys Invisibality Go invisible for 1 minute and of course Consume soul the target has to be on crit or sleeping, Aether a abiltiy that gives you 50 brute damage it makes you invisinsble and cant die for a short period and your get a purple glowing sword that those 20 brute damage 20 burn damage a hit with a shield,Tresspass like the vampire abality but instead of smoke and a bat there will be purple smoke it will leave ectoplasim on the floor and the same energy as the revenant but energy is not health its like the changeling chemical storage you do a ability then the storage goes down its like that and well i hope this gets added