Iamaniceperson34's Ban appeal

Byond Account:Iamaniceperson34 
Character Name(s):I can't remember sorry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):cosmicbubble#1157
Round ID of Ban:16297

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):https://imgur.com/WLurb1s
State your appeal: Hello, I would like to start this appeal by saying that I ban evaded directly after this ban was issued, I know this was not what I was banned for, but I just thought I had to include that. since I recieved my ban, I have changed as a person, and so have my views, I realize now what I did was wrong, and I’m terribly sorry for the harm I may have caused. I intend to roleplay seriously from now on, once again, I have changed my views and opinions for the better and am a changed person. If you do decide to unban me, I don’t have access to that Byond account anymore, so I will have to make a new one.

Normally, I’d ask you to wait another couple of months to write an appeal; however, since you’re being so upfront about why you were banned, I’m willing to accept this appeal. What is the new ckey you plan on using on the server?


You should be able to join with the new account. Please note that if there’s anything even remotely close to what happened last time, you’ll be put back on perma. I’ll leave this thread open for a bit in case you run into any issues logging in.

I’m still banned, this is the ban message https://imgur.com/a/BtO13r7 thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

This issue should be cleared up as well now.