Ian Gibbed! OH THE HORROR!

Byond Account:Delta0Star
Character Name(s):Nush-Kajul, Azala-Kajul
Discord Name:Delta (Nush-Kajul)    
Round ID:12623
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: N/A
What happened: on round 12623 i decided to play hop i was doing my job as best i could when i clown hopped the counter and started being annoying after i have dealt with them i attempt to continue my line in which i notice ian is gone i thought perhaps a traitor got them for my objective and no admins were on so i decided to scream that ian was stolen later in the round i find out that kyra was apparently told by a borg which they later named zero (still no clue if it is true) had told them to gib IAN despite not being an antag later on they also bring up gibbing two ssd people because someone without any clothing had told them to do so which is against the rules at the end of the round i find out nobody had to capture ian and since they had gibbed ian they had completely broken the rules doing so please have them dealt with if possible its really annoying as a head when your pet is stolen and killed when an antag could have had to capture them


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Taken care of! Thanks for the report!