Indusriver's Ban appeal

Byond Account:CHRBRG
Character Name(s): Sherlock Holmes
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Alex?#1616
Round ID of Ban:  20406

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - f771f93f50050c69438608748df7a18b - Gyazo
State your appeal:
I was playing roboticst and a changeling came over while there was a security member, they decided I was the changeling and threw me in to the plasma, normally it would not make me mad, but the round had just started and I waited 2 hours to play again, which was annoying because it screwed me out of the goals I wanted to achieve in that round and on top of all of that, the security member that did was toxic about the whole ordeal so , sadly, I got mad and metagrudged against him and I paid for it very hard. Fulpstation is my first SS13 server, I can say I really didn’t know what to do or do not do in that situation because it was the first time it had ever occured, but I do have a lot of friends on that station and I dont want to leave so abruptly like that because of my own screw ups.

I’m switching this to a 3 day ban from the start of the ban, so this should be expired by now. However, if you need to be talked to about toxicity/ metragrudges again, you’ll be put back on perma.