Intern Assistant kills/crits a bunch of dudes

Byond Account:IZbychu
Character Name(s): Intel Radeon
Discord Name: Zbychu#4903
Round ID:20156
Griefer IC name: Patton Webb
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: I was changing floors near tech storage when this guy came, throwed an ssd body onto me, stole my crowbar and backed off, after i punched him for that he took an oxygen tank and proceeded to beat me with it to crit, he then dragged my body under sentinent machine and continued to do it until i was dead. He also attacked a mime, critted him and stole all of his stuff, he then tried to put his critted body into a crate, so noone will find him. When i was revived someone shouted for help in bar, wouldnt you know it, it’s the same guy attacking random people with an bone axe, that he stole earlier from that mime.

Sorry, I did this one a while ago and forgot to close it; this has been dealt with. Thanks for the report!