Invalid note zhepy

As with most grief reports, it was entirely one sided and admins never get the other side of the story.

grief report:

note details: @Zhepyrlion
Note left by Zhepyrlion on 2022-11-30 10:56:27
23279 - following a grief patrol decided to join in on a “only human racist group” that was formed and called it the “non-human kkk” yourself. This is not ok. Please properly read our server rules at: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki This is your only warning on pure racist RP.

Lets start off by saying racism is not the same as speciesm, unless any of your are lizards IRL I dont think anyone is offended. The group made literally no comments about race the entire round.

The hop gave our IDs the name “KK K” upon which i immediately pda’d the hop and told him to remove the name (they did). I want the note removed.

Evidently calling an ethereal an overcharged battery, and telling a moth to “Go back to space bees” is a war crime. Yikes

to quote the server rules " How far is too far for IC discrimination? Nothing that impedes a player’s ability to play a round. Killing, assaulting, and excessive insubordination/ harassment all fall under this."
Nobody’s ability to play the round was effected, nobody was harmed.

The leader turned out to be a shitter, they started breaking shuttle windows (which i told them not to) and i actively stopped him.

Also evidently the other admin cant actually read and closes threads immediately.

Boo hoo