Ironmonger fanatics

Byond name: DevinXoptoh
Character names: Chip Shafer
Round: 11974
Greifer names: Jacquiline ironmonger
Greifer byond:

Ironmonger was running around in riot gear on blue alert, I as the captain reminded them of this, they replied “you were using contraband last round” so, metacomming…
they were also executing without my permission on lings, IDC if confirmed or not, but always get captains permission for an execution.

Not wrong though, you took Gloves of the North Start and consistently used it as the Captain throughout the entire round. I thought someone had already grief reported this by now.

TFW You execute a traitor i catch (and steal his shit) that was just trying to break into the vault, but let your friend go scot free with contraband and open uplink so he can green text freely tho.

Also taking riot suit on changeling gamemode i won’t even comment.

I ahelped it that round, I think slig dealt with it.

Riot armour is not restricted by the alert level.

Metacommunications is using OOC means of communication for IC.

I cant see the line about “round”, but it would only be failrp if it happened.

Regarding executions, dealt with.