James Harvard, CMO extraordinaire

Byond Account: JustABloke
Character Name(s): Nancy Ishi
Discord Name: mGuv
Round ID: 14928
Griefer Byond account: Didn't catch it
Griefer Byond name: James Harvard
What happened: 

As a CMO he made several questionable decisions. First he told us not to bother healing anyone if they were “50% or more non functional organs and to just morgue them”. Secondly he promoted a “friendly virus” without saying what it did/was and instead just labelled all the pills “Blood”. When I refused to take it, he forced it on me by hugging me (I didn’t want it and I guess it was spread via contact). When I said this over comms, they called me a pussy.

Edit: Oh, I guess this isn’t as questionable but it was still early round - before any mishaps or antags had shown their head and they said:

Not anything bad but shows the attitude they had.


Dealt with- thanks!