Janitor versus the general public

Byond Account: Gunmer
Character Name(s): Buster, Quinn Enderly
Discord Name: Buster#1740
Round ID: 17921
Date: Dec 12, 3 AM cst
Griefer IC name: Unstagrav, Atom Ryan
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: not so late into the round, I see Unstagrav tha janitor and Atom Ryan thea scientist in engi lobby. Unstagrav puts metal rods in a microwave and blows it up, then I kick him out of engi and take his duffel bag which is full of firebombs, and he detonates the firebombs remotely.

a while later in the round I see Unstagrav with Atom Ryan in engineering trying to enter the SM room, and Unstagrav flashes a janiborg. he uses a handheld tele to place a portal so I can’t reach him, and when I call for sec he teleports away with a launchpad. Tracking his launchpad, he snares me with a beartrap and flees again, but eventually I find they are using a circuit controlled launchpad to teleport around, so I dismantle it.

They cuff me and try to teleport me manually to evac, but Unstagrav misses the mark and they both get spaced and die. Chuck Sneed was also with them a portion of the time but I did not really see him do much

Unstagrav was also detonating microwaves on round 17915.

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There were 2 mods online that round, why didn’t you ahelp it :confused:

thought maybe he might be a traitor :confused:

fair :confused: u should ahelp just in case tho

Ok this is a fun story,

So to be fair I got sci access cause atom found me in the hop line chillin with Suz and was like “wanna do some teleporter memes” and I was like ye so I was technically a scientist too the access just got botched and it still said Janitor. that caused me like 2 headaches that shift

We were originally in Eng to steal a diamond for atoms thingy cause no miners; (I have no clue how bs tps work he told me just click push or pull). We got permission from an eng after we half way were inside, if we rearranged the reflectors to take the diamond and then we ran into y’all

The microwave? just comedy I told y’all to run away from it and u did. Not sure why u stole my bomb bag tho, tbh I didn’t wanna see them get used on someone so I detonated them when u were safely away from them and even warned you I would; so you nobody would kill people with em

Also we were terrified of y’all because you and alivia had energy swords and tracked us down in maintenance and nearly killed me. So yes I’m gonna bear trap you so I don’t get beat to death in maint by buster and alivia with e-swords when I’m trying to escape

Once he got the tp worked we were like, let’s troll the esword users back and try to kidnap them into science. But you ended up busting into sci with ur Eng stuff haha get it busting? well yea I cuffed you and tried to evac you but I guess the presets was off

sorry for the microwave tho I was just vibing; I can see how u would take that personally and chase me with an esword for the whole shift. it’s like really high speed cleaning ok lol

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There is not much else to say, since Unstagrav pretty much summed it up. Buster came to science, dismantled the bot connected to the launchpad, and then he tried to kill us. Earlier I made a request for diamonds, but there weren’t many miners on, or they just were unable to get them for one reason or another, so that’s why we needed a reflector.

After missing evac, I asked Unstagrav to pull us out in common, but he didn’t seem to notice and we died.

We were just having some fun with the launchpad.

(Note: I wasn’t involved in the assembly or improper use of any explosive or microwave-producing device.)

bananium swords don’t do any damage

This looks to me like LRP shittery at best, and greytiding/ valid hunting at worst.

Needless to say, this is taken care of. Thank you for the report.

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