Job ban appel - Neon Musk

Byond Account:amelon360
Character Name(s):Neon Musk
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban:9871
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste) Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician for 1 week - Let loose a singulo again 2 days after his previous note and blamed it on the scrubbers not working when he shoved a ton of atmos into the SM. His ahelp showed that he didn't understand engineering at all but was playing CE. Round: 9871
State your appeal:

I didnt let a singulo loose, all that happen is the SM blow up, not because of me but the borg with me, I set up the SM countles time and ever time it hasn’t blow up because the vent pump was set too high.

The borg thats was with im caused the SM to blow up, he maybe welded or just block the scrubbers from working and the SM got backed up and blow up.

This admin dosent know any thing about the SM, and engineering. He should of ask other admin that know how the SM work, why it blow up, and who it to blame for it.

I ask to be unjob banned, and that the borg get a ARemark for beening the reson the SM blow up.

Banned for not knowing how to set up SM
This is the next round(RoundID9872) I played as CE(because the ban was to slow) and set up the SM by my self and its making 4500- 5000 MeV/cm3, and it didnt blow up.

SO I GUESS I DONT KNOW HOW TO SET UP THE SM OR, ANY THING ENGINEERING! Becasue most SM set ups only make 2000 - 3000MeV/cm3. It just like Buzzardman2 said (HiS AhElp ShOwEd ThAt hE dIdN’t UnDeRsTaNd EnGiNeErInG aT aLl).

ps- big thanks to the mentor LizardRogue for telling me to post the photo

Black hole on BOX!
This is just to flex, and prove my point. Mostly just because Byzzardman2 said(HiS AhElp ShOwEd ThAt hE dIdN’t UnDeRsTaNd EnGiNeErInG aT aLl).

So here a black hole on box station.

I dont have the round id so here’s the prove that I built a singulo on box. And to note this is not the round that I built a singulo that whent loose.

Sorry about that i misread a section of the logs. It was late and i saw you had messed with the pressure systems in an odd way and your previous note from 2 days ago said you purposely released a singulo so i ended up jumping the gun on this ban. I’m going to go ahead and unban you as after reviewing the logs after some sleep i can see that the borg did in fact weld the vents shut.