Johan Farlock greytider rushes engineering tools to hack into teleporter room and steal hand teleporter to spam teleports, not antag

Byond Account: madsenanders

Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris

Discord Name: kk

Round ID:11960

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Johan Farlock
Pretty much what the title says. He rushed to get engineering tools as assitant hacked into teleporter room 3 minutes into the shift to steal the hand teleporter, then spammed teleports straight into bridge for the first 20 minutes of the shift. He only stopped when he was close to getting caught. Next 20 minutes he still did many random teleports but very few into bridge. Searched him multiple time didn’t find it because it was in his fedora. Only found it 40 minutes into the shift. Executed him for this as it is grand theft, he was not an antag. Wasted so much command and sec time due to spamming hand teleports into bridge. Ban he

forgot to tag as grief patrol rip

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Dealt with, thanks for bringing this up.