John went catatonic to nukie

Byond Account: LizardRogue

Character Name(s): Booker

Discord Name: FXMaster (Booker)

Round ID: 11062

Griefer Byond account: JohnWillard

Griefer Byond name: John Willard

Dude went catatonic to play an assault borg. I love the dude but come on, man.

I ghosted ~10-15 minutes into the round (which by then you’d expect all the nukie ghost roles to have already been bought and taken since it’s close to heading to the station) during War ops because prior to ghosting, I was trying to get strange reagent for medical business, and had already made Pentetic Acid, so I did intend to actually play the round. I tried to get the CMO’s attention to ask for the hypospray from their omnizine, only for them to ignore me entirely so they can instead wack the market-crash machine with a medical wrench. I saw how late it was in the round and how I knew I wasn’t going to get to get strange reagent, so I just ghosted so I can instead have it run in the background while I wait for the next round while I played a different game. I got an alert on the game, tabbed in, I thought I read ‘Syndicate Medical Cyborg’ so I clicked yes, while clicking no on the others because the Medical one is the only type I actually like, then became an assault and was dissapointed.

TL;DR: I ghosted late in the round, accidentally got a nukie role I didnt even want.

Gotcha, aight then

This has been taken care of- thanks!