JoJo Swanson needs to be banned (aka GreenCleanAlkalineMachine2) this Topic was made by Colton Aggley

Byond Account: Sadcatt
Character Name(s): Colton Aggley
Discord Name: don’t have discord
Round ID: 25625
Date:26/03/2023 and 26/04/2023 (it was at night for me at least)
Griefer IC name: JoJo Swanson
Griefer Byond account (if known): GreenCleanAlkalineMachine2

What happened:
I started the round went to medbay and then went to the chemistry room JoJo Swanson was there opens the door, I walked in the other two didn’t mind me using chemistry but he did, he said I broke in (I just walked in he could have asked me to leave) he pushed me threw me on glass table after another I didn’t fight back because I thought he made a mistake he pulled me out the room and went two rooms away from it to the healing room I don’t know what’s it’s name he just kept on pushing me saying I broke in, I said “I am not fighting back I refuse” he said “good” he pushed me then I push him back he started to saw me with a saw I only pushed him and grabbed him tried to throw him like he did to me and then he started hitting me with the saw I said woah stop everybody was saying stop I had enough I was punching back but since he beaten me just before I was weak also he had a saw on my head so I fell down slowly dying he healed me and drugged me and I fell asleep he lied to sec about me starting the whole thing and said I attacked him first (he also later on said this, JoJo Swanson says, “Hi”
JoJo Swanson says, “This man” JoJo Swanson says, “Tried to murder me” JoJo Swanson says, “In medical” James Igdine asks, “Again?” JoJo Swanson says, “Several times” JoJo Swanson says, “Yeah” JoJo Swanson says, “I revived” JoJo Swanson says, “And healed em up again” James Igdine whispers, “Warden to brig” You find yourself unable to speak!
x2 You’re restrained! You can’t move!
x3 JoJo Swanson says, “Please dont attack me again”) there it is the lie I never woke up I was in a coma for about 36 mins of the round he lied check the logs anyway back on track I went to sec finding myself unable to speak he cut my tongue out the other sec were trying to find out why I was not talking right and JoJo Swanson was talking all lies about me in front of me I was unable to defend myself but James Igdine was smart he knew the doctor did something to my speech so he said we all go to medbay then we went to medbay who was healing? guess it was JOJO SWANSON and now he was opening my brain saying I had brain damage James Igdine stopped him and cuffed him saying he was a liar after a whole bunch of stuff I got my speech back I went back to sec and talked to James Igdine told him my whole story he said okay I believe you, and I was yelling saying (PERMA HIM, I WANT TO BEAT HIM, PLEASE PERMA) and how much time do you think he got? 5 mins he got 5 mins of jail time and I got 36 mins in a coma and 10 mins talking to sec defending myself I was beyond pissed all this time I was ahelping admins too but no one came, and sec didn’t help me, admins didn’t help me until the next round so I was a mad broken man that wanted his head on a pike so I took it in my own hands got a spear got a chainsaw ready to kill went around the station 4 to 3 times then to medbay I saw him JoJo Swanson he was getting healed I rushed in chainsaw his head off went to the cook fried his head and ate it and got my ass whopped by the chef and one doctor but it was worth it, now that is everything you need to know. (thank you for reading this long, broken grammer report of mine)

This was handled.

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