Just Eekers things

Name - Twox Twixington
Byond account - Twox
Round ID - 10411
Griefer - Eeekers

Put me on arrest as the hos for joking about becoming the captain as QM, heard from cargo deputy they were saying I was rioting and making cargonia

My only active staff were a mulebot and the cargo officer
Cargo was essentialy bankrupt

Also was in complete ignorance to their perma prisoners all suffocating to death.

At this point its just Eeker things.

I did actually tell my sec officers to put prisoners in a secondary cell or send them to the labor camp. Also I couldn’t help you on your little money issue. Finally you cant just say your gunna over throw, all I would have done was interrogate you.

Interrogate me for?

Your potential mutiny against the station. If you were deemed good you could leave, if you weren’t we would contain you and get the captain.

There was no hint, evidence or whisper that I was going to mutiny against the station, especially considering the only staff I had was a cargo officer who was against your actions.

Your basis for the arrest was non existant.

What’s even cuter is the fact you seem to take pride in your wankerish.

You’ve been a daft bellend for a while now and show no signs of changing.

i mostly say that as a joke due to this and in recent times i have been not playing command im now mostly a botany main. Also you stated that you a QM would be captain that is mutiny to the station.

The thing is, it’s not a joke. It’s a bad reputation to hold and usually causes atleast someone to have their round inconvenienced.

As said before me joking about being captain cannot be charged with mutiny, that’s simply absurd.

I put a warrant for you, you act like i was gunna kill you. It was a interrogation warrant even which was even in my power.

My problem is the reason (or lack of reason) for the warrent itself as well as you repeatedly causing shit, in your own words this wasn’t even the worse thing you’ve done.

i did get in trouble for all the things i have done in the past so don’t think i wasn’t punished,

Again though, you still persist in doing so despite that.

not really i have stopped in recent times from playing as command.

You might play command less, yes, but you still cause shit when you do play command. The problem is not you stopping command roles, it’s controlling your actions.

And also in more recent times i have attempted to not abuse my power as much as command after my past mistakes with it and how i got temp role bans.

Since no considerable input has been given in regards to the grief patrol report, I am locking this thread due to discussion taking place here.

After looking into this issue, I would say that’s mostly gross misunderstanding. Nobody got killed, no rule was broken, the HoS just wanted to interrogate you for something you said. Hence this, I am marking this grief report as resolved.