Kosaki's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Onadorable, yinnopiano
Character Name(s): Dow Jones, Illya Nines, Cat Nines, Kosaki Nya Owo
Discord Name: Kosaki#0001
Age: 24
Timezone: EST
Active hours: An hour or two after business hours on weekdays, a few hours randomly through weekends.

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: In the future I wouldn’t be averse to it.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

I started playing on Fulpstation mid 2020, with roughly 720ish hours under my belt spread across my two accounts. I have a combined total of over 100 hours on medical, and roughly 100 on the security side.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’m able to mentor for medical, security, and for general ss13 related questions. My experience in security involves with being able to keep cool while enforcing/explaining spacelaw and proper brig procedure in a chaotic environment. For medical I’m famliar with the process of patient intake, to getting them out and about alive and well. I’ve had several positive interactions with newer doctors. Being able show to show them the ropes was a really wholesome experience that I would to be able to do more with access to mentor tickets. All in all I’m familiar with all aspects of medical except for the chemical factory aspect of chemistry. I’m not all knowing, but I know where to go looking for information that I’m missing.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

Like other servers, Fulpstation has a unique community to it’s name. The server itself has lots of regulars who are familiar with the game while being very welcoming to newer folks. The staff team is also very involved in the community, and do a good job at protecting the playerbase from people who come here in bad faith. I’d love to be able to become a part of this team someday and help grow the community.

Attached is the playtime I have on my current account Onadorable. Any feedback is also appreciated, thank you. :baguette_bread:


+1 I never had a bad interaction with Kosaki.

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Always friendly ingame +1

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Put me near the bottom tier on their staff tier list, hard -1

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Nyo thank yew, muaybe later! 0-/+




That will be a -1 for me

You are too inconsistent about your attitude with the rules ic and on discord
sometimes acting like you are defender of them without the role for it or acting sarcastic about it.
This could be fine on its own but coupled with your past attention seeking behavior with staff and dodging of rules, you give the impression of trying to get the role for the position in a cool club. You also liking every criticisms and patrols about yourself feels also dishonnest and like you’re holding back and could explode at some point, which is not reassuring.

I don’t think it’s what a mentor should be, it can leads to metagaming and biased behaviors with regulars or peoples not appreciated by regulars, I can’t assure you’ll do that but I can’t say you’re worth the risk of an headache for the staff either.


-1 from me chief


I haven’t seen you in game in a while, but back when I was learning medical I remember you always being really nice +1

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I wasn’t on the tier list -1


FORGOT ME on the regulars list, HOWEVER they are pretty active and they are no longer the cringe felinid of days past SO i will overlook this slight and +1

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On a serious note, I have actual concerns about your previous acts on both the discord and on the game server. We aren’t quite ready to consider you for mentor. You can consider applying when you believe you’ve demonstrated that you have put that sort of behavior behind you. Give it at least a few months.

Also you didn’t include me in your admin tierlist. Denied.