Left in Isolation Cell by warden for over 50 minutes

Byond Account: ReneAngel
Character Name(s): Adler Jobb
Discord Name:Creamur
Round ID: 13173
Griefer Byond account: Garusya
Griefer Byond name: Abe Workman
What happened: spawned as internal affairs agent, went instantly to kill my target research director, caught arrested and taken into isolation cell for 10 minutes by a warden named Abe Workman, 10 minutes pass and no one checked on me even once, about 40 minutes after that and still nobody gave me food medical treatment or checked up on me and i was left there in isolation cell until the round ended, if he wardens dont want to deal with prisoners they can just play as an actual officer since they left me there to rot not even having a chance for me to do anything.

You admited to being an IAA and you had attacked the RD, you can be permad/executed/borged, even permad in isolation