Leland Mcshain tries to poison me, gets demoted for shittery

Byond Account: PJ_2005
Character Name(s): Eugnorisma Yuennana
Discord Name: PJ_2005#3621
Round ID: 21768
Date: 8/20/22
Griefer IC name: Leland Mcshain
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown, sorry

What happened:
After apparently being a bit of an ass beforehand, tried to feed me an unknown substance, prompting me to push him over. I put it in the Chem master, determining it to be Sulfanol. A cursory wiki search revealed it to be a potent toxin, causing me to scream at him about it. He then left (to get a syringe gun), and i had some peace and quiet until he came back, syringe gun in hand. I started pushing him at this point, because i knew what he was gonna do. He then proceeded to shoot me, at which point i shoved him and managed to crit him. After curing myself with multiver, i and another doctor who had problems with him got the HOP who was conveniently nearby to demote him. He was not an antagonist on the round-end screen.

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Also worth noting, the first thing they did roundstart (As a medical doctor, NOT A CHEMIST) was make meth and try to force me to eat a pill with nitriles (I noticed instantly so I shoved them over), they didn’t do any medical doctoring at all during the round, only chem

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i was a late arriving Psychologist, so all i know is the damn shitter tried to poisin me

are you sure this is the right round id? that round id was on the 18th and that person has no logs for the round.

probably a typo. If it helps, it was during a round that ended with a stealthops winning about 40 minutes in

i cant know what round you are talking about just by this so i am going to have to close this. you can submit another one if you end up remembering the correct round id but i checked the round number in question and the round before and after and found nothing. sorry man.