Leo Jones - Validhunting as Roboticist

Byond Account: SgtHunk

Character Name(s): Enrico Pucci

Discord Name: Edgy Boi#0167

Round ID: 11599 (Might be 11600 if logs don’t show - the Round ID was a bit fucky when changing.)

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Leo Jones

What happened: Leo Jones, as a roboticist, made his job purely to validhunt heretics. He hacked into maintenance with his full toolbelt and insulated gloves, looking for heretic bases. He finally found one, and after alerting Security, decided to go out of his way to detain a Heretic (Dakota Jack) who just so happened to be walking around. After the Ash Heretic jaunted into maintenance, he hacked in and tried to search for him. Luckily, the Heretic managed to escape. Few rounds prior (Which I don’t have the round ID of, sadly) he validhunted changelings as an augmented Roboticist with Ash Drake Armor and AoE mod PKA so this is even more proof of his wrongdoings. Not doing his job, instead deciding to try and kill antagonists. On the Heretic round, the first thing I saw when I orbited him was a built Phazon with the name “Heretic’s Bane”, hanging out in the shuttle cockpit.


On the changeling round mentioned, I was observing and did an ahelp when I saw this (It was not looked at). He had drake armour, several pieces of sec equipment and pka with AoE. When the bridge was compromised with lings, he shot open the teleporter room doors, openly declaring that he was trying to kill the lings in there. Both him and Mason Hardrian took it upon themselves to powergame so they could kill the lings.

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