Lethaled 4noraisin

Byond Account:stygoo

Character Name(s):Roscoe Sulyard

Discord Name:Roscoe#7454

Round ID:12202

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Kosaki
What happened: Nar’sie is being summoned, everyone storms to the bridge, where the summon location is. i’m fighting cult to stop them from summoning. Kosaki comes out of nowhere and just lethals me to death intentionally while i’m trying to fight the cult. Cult had halos. Not the first time i’ve seen her lethal people for no reason and just being a shitter

Hi I would like to apologize for that, I heard a call that something was happening in the bridge so I came in. I was not aware that cult had halo at that time & I falsely recognized you from an altercation earlier.


halos are kind of hard to miss. just try to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future please!