Lewis preece appeal

  1. Dieling
  2. Lewis Preece
    5.“Self antag as chemist, tried to kill other chemist you were already talked to once today about attacking people then lied in ahelps that they attacked you first.”
  3. The person i attacked was my friend who i was working with. He got me stuck in a place and wouldn’t move when i told him to so after a minute of waiting i punched him a couple times. That was the end of it then. Later on i shot a syringe at him full of space drugs (as a joke since we are friends), it deflected off him but he beat me to death and dragged my body throughout the station trying to dump my corpse so i couldnt get revived. I survived after some rando brought me back to med and called sec. Sec came and i saw him charge me with a crowbar. I beat him down with my own crowbar only for sec to take him. Sec took him but let him go for 0 reason. About 10 minutes later i was working on my job making stuff for people when he came back and killed me. Dragged my body again and i called admin because it was getting annoying to sort him out. The admin then banned me without getting all context and claimed i was lying when in reality he didnt look into the situation further.

Just dealt with in the other thread. Closing