Lings team up with Traitor murder most of the Heads - Targets were Head pets

Byond Account: SoreYew

Character Name(s): Sore Yew

Discord Name: Soryuu#0002

Round ID:10895

Griefer Byond account:??

Griefer Byond name: Shielding Identity so “Unknown”

What happened:
Captain calls me, the HoS to the bridge, and then two lings and a traitor bone us. Cool, shit happens. We get ressed and they’re camping bridge and fucking with the AI, God knows why. We fight again, lose shit happens, we get more or less round ended and I go take a shower. Not a single one of us were a target from a single traitor or Changeling, which makes me wonder why we got swarmed in the hallway in the first place? Happened about an hour to an hour and 20 minutes into the round.

I’ve looked into this thanks for the report!