Local Hulk tider

Byond Account: Mxsterisk
Charater Name(s): Ethan Morgan
Discord Name: Tet14(Ethan Morgan)#0168
ROUND ID:11132
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Carly Sagan
I have to go afk as captain, which I did ahelp,even though there were no admins on, I didn’t have a choice. I come back 15 so minutes later to find the HOP has outskied and multiple people gave themselves AA,one of which is Carly, who made announcements,bought a shuttle and then called the shuttle after doing a shuttle call. I attempted to get her ID back and she ran for it twice. She then got hulk and broke the two communication consoles and stole the boards. After openly announcing she was fixing tcomms,I went down and lethalled her due to the fact she had hulk and had commited multiple grand thefts.
I checked the after-round report and I didn’t see her anywhere as a antag.
Considering she got this ID right before I disconnected and I was disconnected for at least five minutes im guessing she abused more than what I saw.

taken care of thank you!