Mad Kunt ban appeal

Byond Account: Mad kunt
Character Name(s): Roscoe baxter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): none
Round ID of Ban:17599

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Mad kunt) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Core 2- self antag As a detective, shot a clown to death. Similar permaban on Bee and Yog. Round 17599 This ban (BanID #23970 was applied by Horatio22 on 2021-11-19 16:53:31 during round ID 17599. This is a permanent ban.
State your appeal: First off the fuel that exploded near the brig didnt kill anyone, secondly I was trying to bring them to safety to prevent crew from making molotovs, as I suspected there being some rebellion going, thirdly it was purely accidental I was trying to arrest the clown when I accidentally fired the revolver. The clown being shot to death was in self defence he beat a security officer that handed him a disabler and when I asked the clown to stand down he didnt comply. None of the officers tried to make the arrest so I took the tried to do it myself clown got better of me and started to beat me so I defended my position with deadly force. Afterwards I took the clown to medbay to be revived, which was succesful by the way. Clown didnt die, so in my opinion the permanent ban isnt justified, I see i’ve done something wrong but barring me from playing in here ever again is just plain silly. I assume the admin who gave this ban didnt see the whole picture, and banned me on hearsay only, thanks in advance.

These are lies.

I was a clown in the kitchen with a chef during which time a sec officer and roboticist(?) were having a fight there. You threatened to arrest me without any crimes being committed and I said you couldn’t because you are a detective without those powers. You climbed over the kitchen counter withdrew your stunbaton once, so I ran around the central table. You did it again so I rested and slipped you taking the stun baton you shouldn’t even have, in retaliation you shot me to death then dragged me to the medbay some time later.

After I went to brig to complain to warden and HoS, both very inexperienced and they ignored me. Some of the security crew then arrested me outside (for no crimes), note that a deputy conrad reed performed an arrest after I told them that they can’t arrest out of their department. While I was cuffed and restrained you decided to unload your revolver on me for a second time.

Lastly I went to complain to the warden desk again about your conduct (as HoS was clearly incapable). A sec officer took it upon themselves to stun me without reason or interaction (this was Arthur ~Weakman) and cuffed me and a secondary warden, Jake ~MacJackington gulagged me without stating any crimes or charges.

The worst thing I did in that shift was take the baton you had which you shouldn’t have in the first place, and you shouldn’t have tried using to arrest someone who you don’t have the power to do so, especially without any crimes being done.

Note that apparently Sgt. Winters had to deal with you for being a shitter all shift before admins got online.


As I said since the officers did nothing I tried to but then you attacked me it was in self defence, also you pushed several of the officers and assaulted them enough reasoning for arrest. Also its not your to job to take stun batons away from people. Also to clarify if I am a detective and I happen to catch for example a traitor in the act am I not allowed to arrest them, thats just silly, in situtation where no other officers can reasonbly make the arrest I can. The things that happened to you in brig I had no part in you should make a grief complaint about them, not bring them up in my ban appeal.

You’ve got a long history here and it isn’t good. After revisiting these logs, your bans on other servers don’t surprise me. We don’t really want you back, either. Denied.