MasonicAD, firebomb incident

Byond Account: MasonicAD
Character Name(s): Fernando
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Subcommander#3401
Round ID of Ban: 16223

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Ontop of the FailRP of only using emotetext to say full sentences, you opened a hole into space and detonated a napalm nade, injuring 10+ people. Based on logs you had clear intention to blatantly grief at roundstart. Lied in several areas of the ahelp
State your appeal: Admin didn’t believe me when I said I make chem grenades every round, I have a good amount of hours in chemist and every round I play I make a fire grenade mainly for self defense but also for fun, usually chlorotriflourine sometimes napalm, both grenades from my experience cannot in any way destroy floor. They are both fire grenades and can’t do anything more but light people on fire. I will admit what I did was stupid but I did say and do what I told the admin, which was not a lie. It’s believed my actions were blatant griefing and I planned to do at the beginning of the round because of a joke I made to the other chemist but after I attempted to create the cure for the ongoing virus and accidentally drank radium which was speeding up my impending death I when in to the lobby filled with sick people and asked if anyone would like to commit group suicide, I asked a few times and even placed the chlorotriflourine grenade on the floor before even arming it. I said something along the lines of “alright I’m gonna do it” then detonated the grenade. What I did was stupid but it’s not very different from things I’ve done before and even had a previous admin talk to me about and didn’t even give me a warning. The admin claims I made the hole in the floor, but that does not seem to be possible with the grenades I was using and my comments to the admin about the ground in that exact area were ignored. Some kind of engineer was there making changes to the ground when it happened and even after I died they continued to make changes and revamped the entire flooring for the area, I do not believe that my actions could have caused the ground to instantly break in the way it did. Again I will admit that I did do something stupid, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue in the many hours I’ve played before in the server.

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You only have 17 hours; that’s not considered “many” by any stretch on ss13.

It is to me, I don’t play a lot of games and this is easily the only role I’ve ever liked lole

Also I’d like to say, if you have to uphold the ban I completely understand. What I did was definitely dumb, but the time I’ve had on the server was great and fun. Thanks for the good times admins.

Denied. Your story just doesn’t add up and I can’t believe what you say. If you really wanted to do some weird suicide bomb, doing it in an area with a lot of people is still grief. Also playing chemist just to make grenades is against the rules. 17 hours is a tiny amount of time compared to most people and you have two notes about doing practically the same thing 3 times. All of this is just too much for me to accept this appeal. I suggest you read over our rules and consider if you actually want to play on a server with these sorts of guidelines. If so, you can appeal again in a month.