Massa100 ban appeal - Horatio22

Byond Account:Massa100
Character Name(s):Julia Clementine
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):I'm not in the discord
Round ID of Ban:19825

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Admin interact Opened 4 tickets to complain that security ICly caught you as a heretic Round 19825 This ban (BanID#28403) was applied by Horatio22 on 2022-04-17 17:03:10 during round ID 19825. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 22-04-20 17:30:10 (server time).
State your appeal:
I was a heretic. I had taken one reality like 15 minutes prior to this. There were no witnesses, was no evidence. I had done nothing else.

I was around arrivals and wandered into an open maint. Immediately, the HoS, who is in there for some reason tells me to get out. I tried but assistants don’t have maint access? So I went the only way I could, got batonned, then harmbatonned, by the HoS and his friend for… going the only direction I could? The other way into maint? I get cuffed, dragged to jail along with some janitor who walked into maint too. I ahelped because this was like my third round and I thought that random maintenance beatings and arrests aren’t really part for the course for security. They called me something but I don’t know what it was, probably an antag or something.

I must stress that the only ‘antagonistic’ thing I had done at this point was quietly steal a reality without evidence or witnesses. I had no antag items on me, and had not used my powers once.

I ahelped because at this point I’m cuffed and being chain stunned in brig by one dude with a flash, buckled to a chair, and all I know so far is that there’s no reason for this and it was truly both random and stupid.

Marked it as an IC issue. I know for a fact it wasn’t as far as the rules here are concerned, because there was no support for this act at all and if there was, I would have been arrested the FIRST time the HoS saw me, instead of the second, in the same 5 tile radius, 15ish seconds later.

The response was honestly just super rude so I salted back a bit. I make my case TWICE more, asking this dude to like actually listen to me. The HoS keeps telling me I’m something that I’m not, the whole time.

I ahelped a 4th time, this time collecting myself and actually trying to make a sincere case. I wasn’t rude, aggressive with the admin or anything on this final ahelp, and I state the events as honestly as I can, one more time.

In response to actually trying to get some help (I’m still being chain stunned and immobilized, minutes into the ordeal) and be sincere with this dude, he gibs me, then bans me for 3 days.

At no point did I lie or bullshit. I wasn’t trying to get an admin to “save me” from being caught, because I wasn’t caught, because I hadn’t done anything. I didn’t get “ICly arrested” for anything, I got stunned in maint by some bored dude with no explanation, then gibbed and banned by an admin for being confused and asking for help because there was 0 IC justification for this from my POV, and that’s the point of ahelp. This was my third time on the server.

It’s my ban, so I won’t be handling this, but if you had actually bothered to interact with any of the sec officers arresting you instead of salting in ahelps, you’d know that the HoS told you that your fingerprints were found on a persuasion rack.

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what the fuck is a persuasion rack

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It’s a bloodsucker (antag-only) piece of furniture used for conversions.

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i don’t know what either of these things are lol but thanks that really clears up gibbing and banning a clueless new player after you rudely locked down their ahelps

i asked the hos about 15 times the reason for my arrest and he had no answer. he explicitly and overtly ignored it, in fact. i don’t know what a persuasion rack is and probably didn’t touch one anyway.

i also reiterate, if he had my prints on a baddie thing, i’d have been set to arrest and batonned on sight, not told to “go away” then arrested later after he had a conversation with me (15-20 seconds later. a LOT of time to identify a “perp”, especially one so passive and wandering around because they’re locked in.

i may also be mistaken but i entered medbay quite early into my career as an assistant and believe i had some nitrile gloves on.

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Reading your logs that round is just painful, not only you got overly toxic with admins on the ticket but you also did the same with crew arresting you for being in a maintenance that was a Bloodsucker lair and near a corpse.
Tip for the future, if you don’t want security to suspect that you are a murderer and arrest you to check on it, not being near places were people get murdered help.