Maxim Bould's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Mtgovers
Character Name(s): Maxim Bould
Discord Name: Valus #8089
Age: 20
Timezone: CET
Active hours (often from): 7pm-12pm

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: i am interested in becoming a mod someday if thats possible, but for now i just want to teach the new generation.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

I have played Fulpstation for a decent time:
total playtime living 583 h
total playtime death 48.8
with most played roles:
CMO 212 h (total playtime medical is 253 h with md time added)
AI 76 h (total playtime silicone is 119 h with cyborg added)
captain 43,7 h
(i have played more roles but those are the roles i can mentor in)

To be a mentor you need to have a relatively clean record on the server. So to be upfront to all who are gonna read this i would like to display the amounts of remarks i received.

I have a total of 7 red marks, and 9 yellow marks for all of my time on fulpstation. I understand it if you guys deem this to much. I am trying everyday to be a better person not only for myself but also for the community when i play on fulpstation so that everyone can enjoy their time on this great server.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I am confident that i know the medical field well by now, from viro to chemistry to surgeries. I think that i can be very capable in mentoring the medical field. i think that a lot of new (medical and normal) players find it hard to seek help from the CMO or MD’s when it gets hectic. Thats my main reason to be a mentor to help those people out like i once started.

Mentoring for the silicone players would also be possible. I played a fair amount of AI and cyborg and think that i can provide answers to the questions they may have .

I am also confident in mentoring for command. As CMO and Captain it is important to know what to do and how to act. I think that i can mentor the new players who would like to step up as command and grow in this role.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

Fulp is gaining like every other server popularity. This means a new influx of new players into Fulp that need help or have questions. I would like to help those players who are new or would like to improve their skills on Fulp so they can experience this server like i do everyday.

Thanks a lot for reading, i hope you all have a great day!
greeting Max


-1 Would love to see the ingame play table.
-1 = +1 I havent seen you in game but im hitormiss playing fulp since my pings trash and I practice skills on other servers.

3+ CMO.

Very capable and knowledgeable CMO but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you on the discord

As a MD main, there are very few names that I recognize when seeing a CMO. There are so many subpar CMO’s who don’t contribute, don’t help, or don’t know some of the important basics of medbay like how to properly make and distribute vaccines.

Maxim Bould is one of the names that stands out to me when I see it in the medbay radio channel. Always knows what’s going on, is always checking on everything to make sure the shift is running smoothly. Is always knowledgeable and helpful.

Big +1 from me.

The amount of hours you put into medical is really good, although I request you send a screenshot of all of your job playtime (shown in-game through a verb in one of the tabs.)

You’ve been on the Discord since starts of April, but never bothered to verify. Mentor applicants should at least strive to be well known in the Discord, part of your interaction as one will be done through there in our #mentor-help channel, and it’s good to establish yourself closer to the community.

You had a ban November 26th, it hasn’t been a month since that note. Although older notes aren’t taken into account, this one is too recent to not be taken as one. It does paint you in a bad light that it’s related to you playing as CMO, one of the roles you’ve mentioned in your application as your “main” one. The reason of the short ban duration was because you appealed it, and it got accepted due to your understanding of wrongdoing.

You have a reputation for preparing for antagonists. Specifically, as a CMO, preparing death mixes for your hypospray. Using it for several unjustified reasons (you shouldn’t even have a death mix in the first place) and using just about generally any excuse to make a death mix to prepare for any antagonist, no matter how small of a threat. This also goes in hand with preparing a deathmix for EORG, which you have done a couple days ago (and gotten noted for).

You do also have a note (over a month ago but still good to mention) which related to metagaming after dying to an antagonist as a CMO.

…and you’ve had a past behavior of abusing beefmen by shouting their phobia trigger words, to the point where it’s been removed.

Furthermore, recent self-antagging that includes kidnapping heads for little to no reasons.

Overall, although you meet some of the criteria for a mentor, your recent behavior that has gotten you banned and noted needs to change, and you need to be more active in the Discord - as you haven’t talked even once nor verified yourself.



Some of you (@Harrypooter_scooter @SgtHunk) asked for the ingame play table so i took a picture of it so you guys can see it:

A big thanks to @SgtHunk for his big evaluation. I am going to work on the things you pointed out. I am in the process of getting my Discord account verified and i am going to try to be a more outspoken member on discord. I also am from now on not going to make any kind of poison for self defence, because you made me realize that having it on me for any scenario is wrong and indeed shouldnt happend in the first place.

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I am pretty new to fulp, but when i first played as a MD i was overwelmed. When i met Maxim Bould, he showed me around and teached me the essentials. I always had the idea i could go to him for advice and tips.

So for that 1+

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-1000 NO TIME ON CLOWN! +1009 He seems a amazing CMO since so many god damn hours

While your playtime and knowledge of mechanics are more than sufficient, your history with antag prepping makes it difficult for us to trust you with mhelps since these often reveal antag statuses to mentors. We need to be able to trust that mentors will be able to ignore this information even when it would otherwise be valuable to them IC, so we are denying this app for now.