Mech pilot blocks path to luxery shuttle area

Byond Account: Spaetzleking16
Character Name(s): Max Willis
Discord Name: Spaetzleking#9797
Round ID: 13412
Griefer Byond account: no idea
Griefer Byond name: dont know pilots name but the mech called Arbiter
What happened: The mech was blocking the path to get into the luxery area from the sec area of the luxery shuttle, and wouldnt stop trying to break into the luxery area despite everyone in the room yelling at it to stop, once the sec area got deprived of oxygen, the mech still wouldnt move and caused at least a few deaths. As a side note, the ling I was trying to detain in the shuttle escaped cause the mech wouldnt move and I ran out of oxygen.

I did find out who the mech pilot was and this has now been handled, thanks for the report!