Melvyn Batten (11655)

Byond Account: Likteer

Character Name(s): Likteer

Discord Name: Likteer#4031

Round ID: 11655

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Melvyn Batten (changeling nickname = Mr. Delta)

What happened:

A murderboning changeling with miner loot. Assumed minimum of 3 other victims before me (got assaulted in vacant cargo after it got griefed when someone ordered an SM shard), and I wasn’t part of their objectives.

They were clearly an experienced player and tried to lie themselves out of the situation, claiming they thought absorption was the only way to complete the DNA extraction objective

  • (used changeling abilities like it was an everyday chore, knew exactly how the mechanics worked & had the megafuana loot acquired within aproximately 30 minutes into the game).

Suffice to say, my round was ruined, and I definitely wasn’t the only person fecked over by the guy.

I’ve looked into this, thank you for the report!