Mentor Application Toby Continued

Byond Account: Quighty
Character Name(s): Toby Continued
Discord Name: Daze#6995
Age: 26
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: GMT 10am-2am

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Since October 2019.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I can mentor, Service, Science, Command, Cargo/Shaft Miner, Medical, Basic Engineering

Before mainly playing tactile assistant I extensively played Science and took a keen interest in engineering, since switching to assistant in May I have self taught myself the entirety of chemistry and medical across multiple shifts and paramedic before switching, I am very confident in my shifts as hop and make an effort to be the kind of hop I wish for when I am playing non command roles,

My only downside is my lack of experience in Security as I have not played the role to date since joining in October, however I have a good understanding of space law and protocol in the department.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

That the new player pop always tends to be quite high and a lot of new players can tend to be sheepish when seeking out help, be it through mentor system or in game, before becoming an assistant main I would regularly teach newer players who would round start with me the role I was playing and less known facts about the role that would be beneficial to them in progressing and being efficient to the department,

I remember wanting to play the game for years, seeing the threads about ss13 on /v/ at the same time I started playing transformice and epicmafia in 2011, but felt overwhelmed by the depth of the game and fear of not being able to just slot into it,

Fulp really helped ease me in and learn at a comfortable pace and encouraged me to stick with and fully appreciate the depth of ss13 and gave me the chance to enjoy other servers,

I want to help contribute towards and uphold the casual and forgiving environment that certain other servers seem to lack.

As a final note, FUCK DRACK, Pyx is a bro. All grammatical and spelling mistakes are intentional.

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We reviewed your app, and some of the staff had concerns with how you had conducted yoursef in ahelps recently, so this app is denied for now. If you wish to be reconsidered, please resubmit your application in a month.

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Cool! Thanks for consideration anyway.