Mentor Application: Vae

Byond Username: Hood Milk

Discord Name: Hood Milk (vae)

Join Date: 2020-07-05

Age: 18

Hours you’ve been on the server: 550+

When you are available or online: Most of the day EST, may vary with my inconsistent sleep schedule

Departments you are able to mentor for: All of science except for toxins and nanites. All of service and supply. All of medical. Basic construction of machines and solars for engineering (i dont know SM or any of the big engines). Can help with most antagonists besides blob. I have general knowledge of a lot of things because I read over the wikis when I’m bored.

What are some thing you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?: Nothing i can really say in specific as Fulp is the only server i have ever played on but the community is welcoming and most people don’t care if you mess around with gimmicks for a round or two. A lot of newer players still have some difficulty in learning basic gameplay mechanics but they seem eager to learn and respond kindly to help.

Conclusion: This is a server for beginners and I want to be able to help people fall into the deep inescapable hole that is space station 13.


no catgirls sorry


Catgirl with the power

hehe somft cat



funny catgirl owo +1, very helpful and fun player to be around!!

Best shopkeeper

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Killed my pet snakes, I don’t forgive. +1 though

haha somft cat with god powers


Killed a hotdog. Ban them please.

Please accept them though.

Mediocre shopkeep, humans can do better.

the softness of your ears dont even closely rival that of busters, but theyre good enough.
+1 could use more floof


Vae has good knowledge to how to create gimmicks for the round.

Her Roleplay is good. I really appreciate playing at her side, even when she is antagonist.

Very sweet player

Application denied. Apply again in a few months if you would like to be reconsidered.

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