Metagaming heretic expose

Byond Account: Protonyashka
Character Name(s): Xestia Hamifera
Discord Name: ThinLiz_76#0088
Round ID: 24635
Date: 21.02.23
Griefer IC name: Spink Sparkle
Griefer Byond account (if known): ?

What happened: I connected midround, then i got heretic. Firstly, i made my lair at medical break room. It was discovered fast, but nobody noticed me making it or/and being inside. The janitors removed the transmut rune, and unwelded the doors. But the gibs left on their place. When i walked inside, there already was Spink, so i counted him as a witness and killed him. Then, somebody extracted his brain and put it in the MMI. Later, closer to the round end, i noticed secoffs talking in bridge. By the way, also i seen here Spink’s brain in MMI. After listening secoffs for few minutes, i noticed that they don’t know about who is the heretic yet. But suddenly, Spink started saying that i have the sickle and attacked him while he wasn’t just brain. Secoffs, of course, realised who was the heretic all the time and tried to arrest me. I escaped, but was killed later anyways.
So that’s the point - Spink said those things, that he can’t remember. He was killed fast, so he cant say about me to anyone.
First screenshot is me killing him, second and third are he metagaming, and fourth is their attempt to arrest me.

Here is our rules on this situation:

1). Do not use information obtained while dead or from a previous life upon returning to the land of the living.
2). Cyborgs and other creatures that are created with a character’s organic brain (i.e. not a positronic brain) retain all knowledge of events that happened before the procedure while they were living. Rule 1 still applies to information obtained while dead.

So, they were alive. They said hi, then you used a rusted blade on them. They called for help, and fought against you. Then, eventually died.

This is not metagaming. You even said security wasn’t aware of your identity, and inferred it from being described a sickle, which resembles a rusted blade.

Thank you for the report!