Mike's mod app.

Byond username: zzzmike
Discord name: balthuzad#1770
Join date: June 13th, 2020
Hours you’ve been on the server: 236 total hours. 169 living.

When are you online or available to get on: With my job being nightshift sometimes, it makes my sleep schedule inconsistent, so it could be any time. In the past I’ve been online when there’s 0 admins on and someone is spamming the trollface ASCII, which helped push me to apply. If accepted I see myself frequently checking adminwho and making a point to be online if nobody else is, and making the ask-mods channel ping me if I’m awake. (And the same for that channel that gets a message if an ahelp comes in when nobody is online)

Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib): Mentor

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: The most memorable is when I was an admin for a site+forum+irc called In-Depth Battlepedia, which was a wiki/rating site for the battlepedia part of neopets.com. (Back when neopets was… much better.) They had a similar role system to fulp. I went from normal user to idb rater to mod to super mod to admin to having ftp and mysql access. It was at idb.finalhit.org and forums.finalhit.org (edit: don’t click these auto-links, it’s dead). I was staff for over 6 years only ending when it merged with another site due to website hosting issues (and pretty much everyone decided to just move to irc/facebook/discord as the site was a chore to maintain due to not caring about neopets anymore.) Very early-on the IDB community became much more important to me than neopets (a big part of the community branched out to multiple games anyways.) 9 years after the shutdown and the most active IDBers still talk via discord server and facebook group.

Similarly, the fulp community is much more important to me than the game. Fulp SS13 is great - but it’s great because it provides for fun, unique ways to interact with the community, which is the real point - that’s how I see it anyways.

I have a decent amount of experience with the fulp admin panels from messing around with the localhost server (sometimes opening multiple instances of byond to test interactions between two clients).

What is something you feel you do well: I think I’m a calm, level-headed person. When it comes to moderation decisions, if I’m not sure, I don’t guess at the answer (instead I ask someone more experienced.) I endeavor to show respect to all, even if I’m not receiving it in return. (This is also something very important to do for my real-life job). I’m someone that looks to get things fully resolved, so if the round ends and I’m not done talking with someone, I would generally give out my discord tag or try to contact them when the server reconnects or use byond private messaging etc. From experience, if you spend more time talking to people and explaining things, it seems to always have a better outcome for all involved.

What is something you wish to change: I feel like this question can be answered so many different ways… perhaps I’m looking too much into it. In terms of changing things on fulp: quoting from the main server rules “6). We now adhere to a modified version of /tg/’s ‘standard operating procedure’ policy and require its use.” has a link which goes to a locked google document. (I mentioned this on discord awhile ago but it’s still there so I figured I should bring it up again.) Slig answered someone else’s question about whether devil is valid in #mentor-help so it would be cool to add that info to the acceptable-antag-kill-list (even though devil is admin-only.) Lastly, you can’t get pings on mobile for #round-announcements currently - it gives an error. I think there’s a way around that after some changes to the bot. You could type !ping to be added/removed to a Round Pings discord role, and the bot could include @Round Pings in new round messages. (I know I can’t make any of these changes - I’m just thinking of things that maybe the majority of fulp would benefit from.) In terms of changing myself: I know I’m not the most experienced person at SS13 - there’s certainly better mod candidates. But I’m always looking to learn more, improve, get feedback, and make changes. My DMs are always open - 0 people blocked on discord, or byond, or beyond. :smile:

Similar to how it was with my mentor app, I have no idea if this will be accepted or not. In any case, I’m happy to stay a mentor if it doesn’t work out. Thanks for reading :thumbsup:


Strong mod candidate. Big thumbs up.

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I see him around a lot and seems fairly competent. Also noticed manray and drack are like the only staff ever on at that time.

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Funny seal man +1

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Your app has been accepted.

Welcome to the mod squad!