Mime blew fuel tank in arrivals for no reason

Byond Account: Iosyf

Character Name(s): Larry Laggsworth

Discord Name: Iosyf[Larry Laggsworth]

Round ID: 11315

Griefer Byond account: unknown

Griefer Byond name: Silent Night

What happened: Came into the station, grabbed a fuel tank and started trying to blow it up with a zippo lighter - succeeded after a few attempts.
Should probably bwoink em at some point later to ask em about it, or add a note to his account with a link to this report.

I witnessed this, the doors at arrivals were bolted shut and the wires were cuts so borgs/ai could not unbolt it. He blew up the tank right next to the doors, seems like he was just trying to get out of arrivals, don’t think he was trying to be a shitter.

Seems like an IC situation to me, especially since the doors were not working.