Mime Griefer on Security

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Miles Brown
Discord Name: IzzaBinSeen
Round ID: 23629
Griefer IC name: Triffy Chomps
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened:

Hello! I’d like to make a quick report of a griefer named Triffy Chomps. After the end of the game, I checked the antag list to see who the antags were and it seems that one of the people I had to execute was not an antag. The name was Triffy Chomps the Mime and they were being very troublesome and made it super difficult to do my tasks that round, not sure if they had some beef with me from previous rounds but they went out of their way to break into sec, kill wardens dog, kidnapped the SSD warden and somehow got into vault. Following space law I perma’d them. Mind you this man took up 10 minutes of my time in perma alone by mime wall blocking me in perma. Then they escaped and attacked the captain in the armory and me. We killed him on the spot and assumed he was some sort of antag, it seems that at the end of the round he was indeed not any of that but a griefer. This man specifically blocked sec from fighting antags and saving the crew by blocking me in perma, attacking me the cap and warden. Thank you for reading this hope to get in touch with you all soon.

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taken care of. thanks for the report!