Mime stigma ends in getting mobbed to death

Byond Account: Banement
Character Name(s): Altjira XC (Null Sound as a mime)
Discord Name: Bаnеmеnt#0666
Round ID: 26120
Date: 26/05/2023
Griefer IC name: Lloyd Mental, Kicking-Bird Johnson

What happened:

Lloyd Mental was weirdly toxic for most of the round. As a mime, I was placing cardboard cutouts around the station, in places like HOP line and outside of brig. Lloyd Mental kept attacking me when he saw them, also threatened to kill me if I kept doing it. At one point he also stun batoned me and threw me across the hallway entirely unprovoked.

Near end of round, AI had ion laws and command didn’t know how to fix them, so I broke my vow to join in with the arguing. Americanium LV announced I needed to be killed and tried cuffing me, when a lawyer cuffed him instad. Then Kicking-Bird Johnson, along with some others I don’t remember, started a mob trying to kill me for speaking. He eventually did kill me, because crew thinks mimes are valid for talking.

ok, after a bit of a wait this has been handled.

thanks for the report