Miner Cyborg-710 venting evac, disobeying orders from AI

Byond Account: greniza
Character Name(s): FruityMoth.PY
Discord Name: Greniza#6239
Round ID: 19225
Date: 03/08/2022 17:00 PST
Griefer IC name: Miner Cyborg-710
Griefer Byond account (if known): DiamondBlder

What happened:
I was the AI this round. I ahelped this issue- no admins were online at the time of incident.

Towards the end of the round (roughly four minutes before the shuttle arrived), Miner Cyborg-710 was disobeying direct direct orders from me, and had bolted open the airlocks in the departure lounge, causing the entire area to vent, leading to the death of two or three humans before I finally locked 710 down. Miner Cyborg-710 was not subverted or otherwise malfunctioning.

This has been dealt with. Thanks for the report!

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