Miner helping a traitor

Byond Account:stygoo
Character Name(s):roscoe sulyard
Discord Name:stygo#7454
Round ID:17750
Date:29th december
Griefer IC name: Paxton Hook (I think)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Went into cargo during suspected revs, 2 miners, 1 of them was a traitor, decided to attack me with their pka/hunting knifes, i arrest them, then Paxton Hook starts helping his miner buddy by attacking me with his pka/hunting knife as well, nearly killing me. Paxton was not an antagonist. Ahelped in round but no staff were on.

I was ghosting this round and saw them both try to kill Roscoe. Later, Paxton decided to strip a sec officer (Rat Man) in the halls and take his gear.

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Dealt with- thanks!