Miranda Husjak abusing heavily as captain

Byond Account: Time_URSS
Character Name(s): Noah Jones (AstrOS 9.5. Beta)
Discord Name: Time_URSS#3724
Round ID: 9140
Griefer Byond account: Ocelott
Griefer Character name: Miranda Husjak
What happened:

Resuming all in a pinch: Targeted the AI during the whole round (with a good reason, but still killed innocents throughout all the adventure), accused all the borgs of being emagged as soon as they saw one being so, killed several borgs who followed their laws when the captain was accused to be a ling by both crew members and silicons due to their erratic behaviour. Started abusing captaincy power by uploading shit laws to the AI, making all the silicon team pissed. Finally, locked down and blowed several borgs to unsync them from a dead AI. Final laws were those:


Yet they accused the AI to be emagged with ion laws. Miranda often abuses captain role in revious rounds, often ending in dead AIs considered rogue, abusing law upload, or blowing borgs because one is emagged.

Taken care of.