Mmm powertrippin captain yes quite

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Zoey Zo Nisemono
Discord Name: joanum#5680
Round ID: 17360
Griefer IC name: John Willard
Griefer Byond account (if known): probably John Willard?

What happened: captain walks into cargo, I say “ya,” and he immediately shoots me with the antique laser gun. this is bad enough, but it gets worse. QM steps in, says “HANDS UP” because yea the captain attacking random people is bad. captain proceeds to knock the QM down and shoot the hell out of him with the ALG. now, I dunno about you, but if I were me in this situation I’d try and subdue the captain who just walked in and started shooting people. i tackle him to the floor, and i guess he decided that was enough to kill me over, so he cuts my organs out with his sword and finishes off the QM. then he takes our two Definitely Not Soulless bodies to the sec morgue, fully intent on keeping us dead for the crime of him attacking us, and then makes an announcement gloating about how he just killed two people and theres nothing we can do about it because ~“spacelaw”~
SO. apparently the QM had an unloaded makarov that he’d announced he’d found. thats a crime! sure. and the punishment for said crime is perma at the most. i dunno why the cap walked into the cargo bay in the first place, if he was trying to get the QM for possession of contraband thats just shitty captaining, leave sec matters to sec etc. if he came in there to shoot me, thats also bad. probably worse. either way its godawful spacelaw, a grievous breach of SoP (and there werent any eminent threats to waive that so), not to mention a dick move to roundremove us. we never used lethal force, so he really had no reason to even be damaging us, and IF we were supposed to be executed this is sure as shit not the way to do it. and if you wanna claim we were both confirmed EoC or some shit, uh, No, you didn’t even TRY to confirm anything before OR after killing both of us, and we werent EoCs either way so even if you HAD tried (and i cannot emphasize enough that you didnt) you still couldnt have confirmed us as EoCs. shoot first, and second, and third, and don’t ask questions. what an upstanding captain we have.

in summary
captain walks into cargo, shoots me for no reason, starts killing the QM for a reason not communicated to me at the time (and is also not a good reason), i try to subdue, he decides this is enough to kill both of us over (because apparently i’m now an accessory to contraband possession for trying to nonlethally subdue the guy who just shot me and is now killing someone else (and even if i was somehow, thats still a perma offense, not an execution)) and then he makes sure we aren’t revived.
i really hope two counts of murder over an encounter he instigated with little to no reason is against a rule

Screenshot (1835)

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lol did you even read

yeah I did, and makarovs are syndicate weapons, which means having one makes you an enemy of the corp. Assisting one also makes you an accessory, so you get the same crime time.

I originally shot you because (the same reason I had previously called the shuttle), you were talking in the felinid language over common. My plan was to shoot you with disabler shots to stamcrit, but I used the wrong gun, hence why I stopped after the first shot.


This isn’t the place to argue this, so I’m going to close the thread while this is being dealt with.

I will point out though that there were several mods in-round last round (myself included) and grief patrolling it after instead of ahelping it creates a ton of extra work for us, which none of us really appreciate. Just ahelp this sort of thing next time.