Monkified Mutator Shenanigins on Selene station

Byond Account: onadorable

Character Name(s): Cat Nines

Discord Name: kosaki#8848

Round ID: 13984

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name:  Jacqueline Ironmonger, Lando Sanford

What happened:

Jacqueline Ironmonger was doing a regular bag search on Lando Sanford. When she finished a clown called Zig Zag tried injecting her with a monkified mutator, she then shoved the clown onto a table. When he got up she batonned the clown, shoved him into a wall & injected him with a monkified mutator. She then said “Enjoy” & walked away.

The second event happened a few minutes later. We had a patient called Renex Right come in dead earlier, we patched him up & he was ssd. Then Lando Sanford the geneticist comes into medbay and injects him with a monkified mutator.

Dealt with!