Moses' Ban Appeal

Byond Account: MakotoSprangs
Character Name(s): Moses Heckendora
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Moseas
Round ID of Ban: 23494

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Although it was only a 3 day ban I wanted to appeal it because I genuinely enjoy playing space station and I don’t want anything negative to stick to my account. I just got back my computer yesterday and the weekend is coming up so I would wish to play since its the only time I’ll have to play. I got banned because I was Valid hunting and I wasn’t. During the round I did have a Particle Accelerator Rifle (which sec let me build) and sec huds which again sec let me have. In the ban message it says that I was looking for a heretic when that wasn’t true. I had gone to the bar and kitchen area when I saw a guy with no ID and covered in blood saying that he found the chefs dead. I also saw a pierced reality near where he was so naturally I though he was a heretic so I batoned him with the baton you get as RD. I saw he had nothing in his backpack and just left. After that I was just running around because I didn’t have anything to do as I already researched everything important and built what I wanted (the ban message says I was looking for heretics but I was just running around bored). While I was running around I stopped time and grabbed a paramedics backpack, because I thought it was cool you could do that while time was stopped. I was going to give it back because I didn’t want to just rob him when I got an admin message asking why I was validhunting. I told him that I wasn’t and he said that I was because I had the Particle Accelerator Rifle and sec huds. I told him that I had the gun in case of blob (because I always make it in case we get blob) and that sec let me have the huds. He also said that I had tools and cable restraints which was also not true, he may have said that because the back pack that I just grabbed had tools and cable restraints. I tried telling him that but after a while I was just banned. I went to the discord because I thought it was a little silly and said that I got banned for having the particle accelerator. I meant it more as a joke that’s why I put 1984 sticker at the end of it. An admin then showed this screenshot of my character.

In the screenshot it doesn’t show any tools or anything, only the sec huds and the Particle Accelerator (also a rainbow knife I got from xeno). A moderator then said “unfortunately i didnt get the second backpack full of tools and cable cuffs” I didn’t like that he was implying I had the tools they said I got banned for but I just responded with “I didn’t have tools and cable cuffs?”
“I was just running around just cuz I was bored” because I didn’t want to start anything or say they were wrong. After that someone commented on the knife I had in the screenshot so I wanted to tell him about that, but then the admins came at me and said that if I thought it was a mistake to make a ban appeal and that they “didn’t want to argue with me” which I told them I wasn’t arguing and I wasn’t mad because it was 3 days and I was fine with it. I then was timed out for 24hr on the discord. I wanted to defend myself because I genuinely think I didn’t do anything wrong and I didn’t want them thinking I was some troublemaker or trying to start a problem. I just want to play the game and I just wanted to make light of the situation by making a harmless joke.

Random crew members aren’t allowed to hunt people they suspect of being antags. This is exactly what valid hunting is.

You had literally no IC reason to do this. Stripping SSD folks is also against the rules.

Although reading you describe multiple rule infractions that weren’t even explicitly mentioned in your ban is kinda funny, please be more concise with your ban appeals in the future. This is denied.

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